Addresses for inquiries and reporting issues

There are several specific addresses for reporting issues. Selecting the right one will speed resolution of your issues:

  • – Unix stations, servers and services; network in general
  • – Windows stations and servers
  • – wireless network
  • – faculty websites
  • – GitLab FI
  • – audio-video equipment
  • – computer and classroom hardware maintenance
  • – building-related technical problems (windows that cannot be opened, clogged washbasins, issues with air conditioning, etc.)
  • – reception staff

Should you have problems with the operation of shared devices (such as network printers), write both to and (or as you wish).

Please always send your mails to group addresses instead of any personal addresses. By contacting all the relevant staff you will speed resolution of your issues.

To report problems and provide input you can also use the following IS MU discussion forums:

Other addresses