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Addresses for inquiries and problem reports

Faculty technical e-mail contacts

There are several specific addresses for reporting problems. Choosing the right one will speed up the processing of the application:

  • - Unix stations / servers / services and network in general
  • - windows stations and servers
  • - wireless net
  • - faculty websites
  • - GitLab FI
  • - audio-video technology
  • - hardware maintenance of computers and classrooms, replenishment of materials for printers
  • - technical difficulties of the building (it is not possible to open the window, clogged washbasin, air conditioning, bad time of the clock, etc.)
  • - reception staff
  • - cleaning services
  • - video teaching support

In case of problems with the operation of shared devices (eg network printers), write how to , so on (or at your discretion). You can verify the presence of a major problem with IT services at overview of the state of FI services (We are automatically notified of any issues reported here).


  • Use bulk, non-personal addresses - Contact all authorized people to expedite your request. In particular, it also allows substitutability and prevents delays in resolving matters in the case of leave, etc.
  • Use Reply All - The same reasons apply as above.

Discussion forums

You can also use discussion forums in IS MU to report problems and send suggestions:

Other contact addresses