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Technical Information for Teachers

Audiovisual equipment, data projectors

Instructions for using the technique:

In the other classrooms, ceiling projectors are available. The key from the driver's cabinet to the projector can be borrowed for the entire semester by Mrs. Secretary (Office B513). If you need projection in other rooms, you can rent a portable projector for a short time.

Problem solving and nonstandard situations

  • - communication in audiovisual techniques in classrooms (eg D1, D2, D3)
  • - Problems with projection technology
  • - Reporting problems related to the operation of UNIX stations
  • - Reporting problems related to the operation of windows stations
  • - Reporting wireless network problems to FI (SSID wlan_fi and eduroam-fi)
  • - if the subject is not scheduled in the classroom with computers, but students need to create a faculty account

To report technical issues to your PC at the appropriate address, you need to provide the name of the computer that appears on the label at the top of the computer case, and a brief description of the problem.

Teaching that requires connection to WiFi is required to report to the address at least two weeks before the beginning of the lesson, in order to ensure a quality connection. During the semester, it is not possible to make larger adjustments due to room occupancy.

Software for teaching

Before the beginning of the course, you need to report software requirements for the training yourself, ie to specify what software, in what version, in which classrooms and from when it should be available, in sufficient time (at least two weeks). Information is sent to addresses , art , or both, depending on the type of operating systems on the computers in the classrooms. Before starting the training, it is appropriate to test the functionality of the required software, including the software that used on machines in earlier years.

Providing information on operating rules

For courses in computer classrooms, remind students that they have to adhere operating rules . It is good to emphasize the ban on handling cabling in classrooms (except the cables for connecting your own machines). In the case of an object involving the execution of more demanding calculations, students need to be informed about rules of performing demanding processes . In the event of a violation of the rules, the student may be temporarily blocked from the account, regardless of the complications that result from him.