Using computers at FI MU

At the beginning of studies at the Faculty of Informatics (FI) it is important students become familiar with the following information. FI offers its students the opportunity to manage their study matters electronically through a university information system and faculty administrative server. Students receive a username and password and upon verification, students are able to access the university’s and faculty’s administrative information. The university network is a complex tool that lets students enroll in courses, find out about exam results, obtain study material, work on tasks and communicate with the academic world.

Students have free access to computers with Windows in rooms A215 (nereis), B116 (naiada), B117 (dryada), B311 (sirene) and with Linux A219 (nymhe87-105), B130 (nymfe 23-74), except when there are lessons being held. The main computer hall B106, computers with Windows (titan), Linux (nymfe75-86, nymfe01-22) and macOS (luna), is opened for individual student work. The faculty is opened through workdays from 6:00 to 22:00. To enter and leave these rooms, students need their MU ISIC card or an alternative (MU-issued) chip card. Students must present their ID card whenever they are asked to do so by the CVT staff in these labs.

No eating or drinking is permitted in the labs. Do not leave clothing on the computer desks.

To use the faculty computers, students must have an active account. An active account means that the computer will recognise the student’s login and password. Computer accounts provide students with access to computers and to the Aisa (Linux server), which unlike the classroom computer stations is accessible from the Internet and is a server on which some specialised courses will require their work to be completed.

The Study Office issues students their personal identification number (UČO) and primary password for the Personal Administration within the Information System of Masaryk University. In place of the student´s UČO, student can use virtually any name. The student´s chosen name can be set up in the Personal Administration.

To use the local faculty systems (computers in labs, student servers, Faculty Administration), students need their faculty password and a special login name. The list of UČO's with the assigned logins is located on the noticeboard in front of the computer hall. The login is an "x" plus student surname, shortened, if necessary, optionally completed using a number added to distinguish logins that would otherwise be the same. For foreign visiting students the login is created as an "x" plus their UČO. Students can set up their password at

If the student has already studied at FI, his password to the Faculty Administration might be different from the secondary password. In this case, it is necessary for student to transfer his password from the Information System here:

If students are unable to log into any kind of system, double-check that they are using the right keyboard layout (Czech or English), that Caps Lock or Num Lock are how student prefers them, that they are not confusing the letter "O" with a zero, or the digit "1" with lower case "L".

Let us remind the students that once you have been issued with a login, you are bound by the Faculty's rules concerning the use of the computer network. The password was generated in such a way that it cannot be easily guessed while still being easy to remember. Should students want to change it, make sure that the new one contains both numbers and letters and is at last 8 characters long. The password must be remembered and never revealed to anyone else. Every user is responsible for his account. Students should have the slightest suspicion that someone is using their password, change the password immediately. It is advisable to change the password once every three to six months in any case. If student has the feeling that something inexplicable is happening to his account, e.g. files are missing or being added or the system reports that the student is logged in some other time than the student expects, the student must contact the system administrator immediately.

To change one´s password to the local faculty systems, use one of these applications: or

Students must not turn off the computers, not even at night, nor reset them, regardless of the operating system, without the direct consent of an administrator. Students must respect the rules concerning the safety and personal space of other users. Students must never leave their computer without logging out. A computer is properly logged out of when a new login window appears. A frozen computer can be often repaired by an administrator without the need to restart the system.

At the end of computer hall there is a printer for individual student printing from Windows. Payment is made through SUPO account, it is necessary to have enough money on that account.

Student who use laptops will appreciate that practically the whole faculty has WiFi coverage (two networks – wlan_fi, eduroam - preffered), allowing students access to a speed-limited Internet connection. In the vicinity of room B116, in the computer hall and in the studa room A214 there are specially designated workspaces for Ethernet connection – 1 Gbits/s. All methods of connection (WiFi, Ethernet) require the user to follow certain rules and undergo an authentication process. Details can be found at;

For every user of the IS, an e-mail box is created automatically. This is, and student can use it directly through the IS. Students must check this regularly as all information concerning their studies at MU are sent to this email address. Another mailbox, created for the students at FI, is named (where login is the xname form mentioned above). The mailbox is accessible directly from any faculty UNIX system (Aisa, Anxur, UNIX stations in the computer hall etc.) or via IMAPS/POP3S (server

Should students experience technical problems with Windows or UNIX computers, they are advised to send an e-mail to or The contact address in case of problems with connection to the WiFi network is You can also visit the CVT office in room B317.