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Information for new FI students

Documents that you received in the listing and other information that fits in the beginning.

  • Getting Started with FI

    Where does the FI student have access to and how to know in three different sets of login data?

    Techniques, Web sites, IS, and more

  • English at FI

    What do you have to enroll and manage to be able to stand for statehood? What are the other subjects and how can I improve English in FI?

    English at FI

  • Fees associated with studying

    Under what conditions do not have to deal with the charges and what must be paid to be charged to you?

    Everything about fees

If you were not on the record

You are required to appear on the record. If you have properly apologized and want to know what's going on, this page will help you get the idea:

  1. Fill enrollment sheet
  2. Sign health and safety training

When you go on study departement , ask for a certificate of study, you will need it in different places.