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The Faculty of Informatics does not currently have its own menu.
On the ground floor of building B (room B110) you will find a buffet with baguettes, tortillas, hot dogs, panini, and even soup and some small meat. The buffet is open until 18:00 in the evenings and, in the case of some FI events, extends its operating hours.
Menzy near the FI students attracts a discounted price and offers even more demanding offers from a variety of restaurants.


That ISIC can be redeemed directly in the canteen (even from the meal) and you can find more information about meals at Muni's hostels and dormitories .

  • Menza na PrF - a classic canteen away from FI about 10 minutes on foot.
  • Pizza Nostra - A menza-pizzeria with a wide selection of pizzas and some of the meals is about 15 minutes' walk from FI.
  • Menza na PřF - the second classical canteen near the FI, it's good to know about it, especially if you have something written on the FS. You can plan a math lesson around lunch.
  • Menza on the Moravian Square - There are several shawl stops, but here you will find a wider choice of dishes as well as a Veggie bar .


  • Brewery Magistr - Right next to the FI you can put a sale at a reasonable price.
  • U Dřeváka - You can find wood in the street, traditional Czech cuisine also at good prices.
  • Al Capone - Pizzeria near Hrnčířská, at least one pizza and soups do not flour with flour.
  • Rybenka - A small restaurant with fish specialties is hidden in the Sfinx Alberta complex, but you can also find a steak.
  • At the White Lamb - - The restaurant is a bit farther, but the meals are also doing in the weekend, and the large spaces are inspiring to take action.
  • Dear Bara - a short walk from the Hrnčířská stop.

Indian restaurants

Indian restaurants around the FI offer a very good price / size ratio on meals, and can be packaged, which often means that you get even more rice, and even cheaper dinners can do for dinner. Of course, there is one meatless meal on offer.

  • Padagali - Big portions of the attachment, big tables, it quickly drops them off. Near FI. Lunches make up to three.
  • Himalaya - Small restaurant near Lužánek, if you do not pick up in Padagali, you can go here. It cooks well, big portions.
  • Light of India - Smaller portions, but closest to FI

Or you can choose one of many Indian (Vietnamese and Thai) restaurants after Brno on this treasure map (welcome welcome - write to ).


If you want to eat outside of the meals, eg in the evening after the lecture, we can recommend:

  • Kebaby at the Hrnčířská stop - you get a big tortilla full of meat and vegetables up to 100 crowns. They also close late at night.
  • Chinese restaurant Nihao - offers a huge amount of different noodle dishes, you can almost go up to 100 CZK and the lady owner is ultra nice.
  • Vietnamese bistro Pho 7 - It offers, among other things, a powerful noodle bouillon that will give you strength in the onset of colds. Prizes are popular.

Student tips

  • Oasis - is a vegetarian canteen with really popular prices where you eat under 50 CZK / meal. From FI there is a little further, 4 stops by trolleybus 32 towards Česká.
  • La Strada - The restaurant at the Faculty of Science has a permanent afternoon pizza discount event. Between 15:00 and 18:00 there are 2 pizzas ordered in this restaurant, including gluten-free at the price of 1.