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  • The main purpose of the Interim Project is to gain real work experience.
  • You will receive 16 credits for a successfully completed project.
  • To successfully complete Interim, you must meet three sub-goals:

1. Choose a position

Find a project whose content will attract you and is related to ICT. All positions must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Interdisciplinary communication (project management, economics, finance, marketing, graphic design ...)
  2. Relationship with IT.

Students at the Interim Project undergo various internships from business process management, process analysis, SW testing to web interface and application management and development, UX, UI or graphic design. They also implement strategies for online marketing or their own projects. All of this is usually directed by project management.

How to search for a project:

Required documents

2. Pass the internship successfully

You can choose from two variants. Both options allow for a day off to study and work on a technical report. However, it is possible to agree on longer working hours:

  • 4 days a week ( Quick variant ) - suitable for intensive projects lasting about one semester to half a year
  • 2 days a week ( Slow variant ) - suitable for more demanding projects, rather than intensity; two semesters

Note: Immediately if there are any problems with your Interim Project and there is a risk of non-compliance contact SSME administrátora!

How to handle Interim:

  • Evaluate your work at the end of each week, learn more and write a technical report will be much easier for you at the end.
  • In case of a slow variant, do not forget to register PA186 to the beginning of the second semester.
  • Write down the subject PV236 Time Management and Effectiveness specially designed to solve work problems.


  • Jaroslav Ráček
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: +420 549 49 7690

3. Share your experience

Interim The project ends with writing your technical report and then formulating all your experience in a presentation to your classmates and the field coordinator. The presentation usually takes place during the examination period and the exact date is usually announced in the information system of Masaryk University. The best presentations will be selected for a representative performance of the industry at Open Day.

Technical report:

  • In this report the student informs in detail about the progress of his / her practice. It describes partial objectives and benefits, the content of practice and outputs. It also informs how its Interim Project was organized, funded and played a role.

Required documents

The experience of Interim Project should be reflected in your thesis. You can also share it with the student SSME Knowledge Base .