• Privacy protection
    Out of all the topics related to user privacy protection we chiefly focus on modeling of user behavior. These models (acquired from a particular live system) let us find out about the predictability of user behavior in the future. Other points of observation are identifiability of a particular user based solely on her long-term behavior so far, and factors influencing the success of such identification. We also investigate various privacy issues related to the environment of wireless sensor networks.
  • Network security
    Expansion of the Internet brought about similarly fast expansion of the number of attack vectors. Starting with conventional viruses, the attackers moved on to automated worms, forged bank-originated e-mails (phishing) and forming botnets out of captured computers whose owners have no clue as to what are their machines at home or at worked abused for. The work of our group is to promote education and participate in formulating principles of good behavior in a network.
  • Security policies and management
    A sound security policy is the cornerstone of all subsequent efforts and mechanisms enforcing security. We investigate issues of discrepancy between security policies for dedicated components (subsystems) and actual implementation, e.g., in the hardware security modules.
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