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GAČR - Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

General info

The GAČR provides targeted support for grant projects within the grant project groups:

The Czech Grant Agency announces a public tender once a year, mostly in February / March.

If the focus of the project requires the expression of an ethics committee , it is necessary to complete the ISEP proposal earlier according to the date of the meeting of the ethics committee and inform the department. v / v.

Sending a data mailbox

Proposals / reports are submitted electronically in GRIS. The data box is delivered only by the application / project report generated by the application, as a PDF file, marked with the FINAL watermark, whose name contains the characters "_CZ_f.pdf". To do so, when the form is complete, the "Report errors" button changes to the "Finish" button. After clicking this button, the final version of the design / project message is generated. The resulting file is downloadable in Project Design details in the "Project versions" section. Before completing the form, you can create draft drafts / project drafts by pressing the "Draft" button. Generated pdf (final), not renamed and unadjusted, put in ISEP, which you close and leave it. approve (proposal only). After approval the proposal / message will be sent / and the data box to the GACR. You will then see the ISEP data message handler and a pairing confirmation in GRIS.

Current challenges

Information on interim and final reports


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