Ontologies and Intelligent Approaches to Semantic Web


A big limitation of the modern computer technology is that it stores most of the information and knowledge about the world as texts written by people. This kind of data cannot be easily searched in and efficiently processed.

Research in the field of ontologies and semantic web aims at creating knowledge sources that would be equally intelligible to both computers and humans. This can be achieved for instance by creating tools that would infer such knowledge based on existing textual data. Another option is to create ontologies and semantic nets manually, based on certain theories or principles.

Ontologies and Semantic Nets in the NLP Laboratory

With regard to semantic nets, the NLP laboratory members have significantly contributed to the EuroWordNet and Balkanet projects, which were aimed at building a multilingual WordNet-like semantic net.

The laboratory has also developed the DEB (Dictionary Editor and Browser) platform, which makes it possible to efficiently browse and search the WordNet semantic net and also to edit it in a comfortable way. With regard to the success of this platform, it's large-scale use within the WordNet Grid project has been considered.

In addition, members of the NLP laboratory have created the Visual Browser software tool for visualizing semantic nets.

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