Speech Processing, Dialogue Systems and Assistive Technologies

The field of speech processing, covering speech synthesis and recognition, is an important part of the current informatics, with many applications of permanently growing impact. Dialogue systems, based on these technologies, represent intelligent speech interfaces between human and computer. Assistive technologies exploit all these technologies to enhance the quality of life, especially in relation to the handicapped people.

Laboratory of Searching and Dialogue

Laboratory of Searching and Dialogue covers two intertwining research fields – searching in large databases and dialogue systems, that has been considered as independent in the past.

The area of dialogue systems involves not only models and implementation, dialogue strategies and relevant languages, but also basic speech technologies and many other relevant fields. The quality of dialogue systems depends on the pieces of information that are used to generate dialogue strategies, which leads to the problem of efficient search in large databases. An appropriate concept is search in metric spaces, enabling to formulate and efficiently solve many forms of searching based on similarities. The laboratory investigates the methods for indexing both in centralized and distributed context.

Dialogue systems with the support of similarity search is a modern and perspective area with key importance for future computer technologies. The laboratory is open for all students and offers interesting work both in implementation of new algorithms as well as in theoretical research.


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