Structural graph theory, computational complexity and parameterized algorithmics

Many practical algorithmic tasks have a core based on discrete structures such as graphs, digraphs, strings, or matroids. Hence it is not surprising that efficient solutions of these tasks require deep knowledge of the underlying theory of discrete mathematics. For instance, the following interesting practical problems have nice solutions provided by discrete mathematics:

Our young and growing group follows the newest trends and focuses on using popular structural approaches in discrete mathematics / graph theory and in their algorithmic applications. Our aim is to contribute new findings both on the theory side and in computing applications.

Information for students

For interested students (already since the bachelor level), our research group can offer

and at the same time possibilities

More detailed information can be obtained from the individual team members, or the interested students may directly get involved

Interested senior students are also encouraged to participate in the FMDSA: Working Seminar on Formal Methods, Discrete Structures, and Algorithms.

Sample research objectives

(Besides this rather brief list, interested students are encouraged to consult this detailed research page, the Formela Lab pages at FI, and personal pages of other team members below...)

Team members

(as of Spring 2015)

PhD students:
Ondrej Moriš, Jakub Gajarský, Marek Derňár

Selected former students:
Robert Ganian (now at TU Wien), Martin Derka (now studying at Univ. Waterloo), Matěj Klusáček

Current research projects

(as of 2015)


prof. RNDr. Petr Hliněný, Ph.D.