Service systems, modeling and execution

Nowadays, the world economics is converting from a product based towards a service oriented conception. In the product economies, the main stress is put to a transfer of an ownership from a producer to a customer. This act takes a short time and a closer relationship between stakeholders is usually not being developed. Service oriented economies lie on service providing. Customer and provider cooperate to achieve agreed goal, which can be changing continuously. Long lasting relationships are maintained and win-win strategy is supported.

Services and service systems were recognized years ago and the main effort now lies in defining the science of service. Our research is focused on service systems which are the main elements of service economy and are the carriers of service. We are analyzing domains and designing suitable service systems and also looking for methods and procedures for integration of service systems.

Main research priorities

Service system design and modeling
Development and implementation of prototypes of service systems
Domain analyses
Integration of service systems
Service management
Service oriented strategies
Service life cycle

Information for students

Service systems are rapidly developing domain these days. It is open for research to both bachelor and master students who are welcome to join our group. More detailed information could be obtained from any member of our group.

Research group members


PhD students

Service Systems Laboratory

The laboratory deals with basic and applied research in service systems and also domain of SSME (Service Science, Management, and Engineering). It supports cooperation with academic and commercial partners in the expanded use of research results and of trained specialists.

The laboratory is open for all applicants from bachelor or master degree.

Cooperation with other institutions

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RNDr. Zdenko Staníček, Ph.D.