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Project news

Here you will find information about current challenges related to the Faculty of Informatics. For more information, visit our research website R & D funding, and also on the RMU Research Department site an overview of all news, grant calls and actions , which are under way at MU in the field of science and research. You can subscribe to the news in RMU here . The RMU Research Department also publishes Newsletter , where you can find information about ongoing and upcoming I / O challenges and actions.
We would like to ask those of you who are considering joining the grant calls to inform us by e-mail or personally to the department. I / O as soon as possible. Deadline for dept. v / v FI for submission of proposals, please wait about 7 working days before the deadline of the Provider, unless otherwise specified for each call.


European Commission

The European Commission has published Work Program 2018-2020 . The work programs of each area are published on the site Portal Participant , you can also find here challenges to submit projects. All information about H2020 is available on the web European Commission , further info can also be found at pages of RMU . Among other things, financial support from the RMU in the preparation of projects.

Faculty of Informatics MU - Student Research and Development Projects (Dean's FI program)

Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR)

MU Grant Agency (GAMU)

Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports (MEYS)

Ministry of Health (MZ)


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