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The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic has announced the submission of the partial reports (16 January 2018, the FI will send the reports no later than 15 January 2018 at 10 am) and the final reports (31 January 2018, the FI will send the messages no later than 30 January. at 10 am). We ask all Resellers to send drafts for departmental check-ups in good time - no later than 8 January (DZ) or 22 January (ZZ) . Solvers are governed by the tender dossier valid at the time of submission. For more information, please visit GAČR . Please be sure to include in your GRIS system all your results for the year, the income statement, the time reports (for projects launched in 2012). In GRIS, you will find an evaluation of the previous sub-report of your project.

MEYS - international cooperation

INTER-COST - the aim is to support the involvement of Czech science teams in the European multilateral cooperation COST in the field of basic research, industrial research and experimental development. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 18, 2017 .
INTER-ACTION Israel - The call relates to cooperation between Czech R & D and partner companies in the State of Israel in applied research or experimental development projects. The applicant may be an enterprise (based in the Czech Republic) engaged in research. Masaryk University can only be in the role of another participant, it is necessary to ensure the text of the draft contract for participation in the project solution and the draft agreement on the use of results before submitting the project proposal. The proposal for the MU will be signed only after the inspection of these documents. Deadline for submitting proposals is January 31, 2018 .
Please email if you are interested in these calls to the department. v / v FI until 1 December 2017 . For more information, see the page OV RMU .

Ministry of Culture

The Department of Arts, Literature and Libraries announces a grant award procedure for 2018 to grant grants to library operators for non-commercial library projects. These are two programs: 1. Public Information Services Libraries - VISK Program and 2nd Grant Management Library of the 21st Century - K 21. The call will run until December 10, 2017 . For more information, see the page OV RMU .


The third GAMU E - Call for Excellence was promoted . The challenge will be until 20.11.2017 . Applications will be reviewed and support will be granted by the end of November 2017. The allocation for the call is CZK 1.8 million. For more information, go to GAMU website . The application is completed in ISEP. On deck. I / O IF will be delivered by Monday 20.11. 2017 by 9 am signed proposal, signed CV and signed handbook (if you do not have it approved electronically).


The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic extended the deadline for submission of interim reports on the basis of the TAČR decision by 30 January 2018. The deadline for submitting the final report is 30 days after the end of the project. The implementation report for the results was set to 31 July 2018.

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic announced a joint call CHIST-ERA III Joint Call 2017 . The deadline for receiving an abridged version of the pre-proposals is January 11, 2018 . You can find detailed information on the announcement, including the tender dossier TAČR website . The topics are: Object recognition and manipulation by robots: ORMS and Big Data and Process Modeling for Smart Industry (BDSI).
This is an international challenge that is linked to the Epsilon program, which will be followed by a national round of design contests successful in this Joint Call, but it is really specific to its parameters and it is not the standard model you have so far known from the TA CR.

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has launched the first public tender under the Theta program. The competition deadline is from October 1, 2017 to January 9, 2018 . You can find detailed information on the announcement, including the tender dossier provider's site . At the MU level, an information meeting will be held where potential prospective researchers will be informed of all the necessary details and processes at MU, individual questions and suggestions will be answered. The date of the meeting will be specified. Methodology and more detailed information will be provided.

European Commission

The European Commission has published Work Program 2018-2020 . The work programs of each area are published on the site Portal Participant , you can also find here challenges to submit projects. All information about H2020 is available on the web European Commission , further info can also be found at pages of RMU . Among other things, financial support from the RMU in the preparation of projects.

We would also like to ask those of you who are considering joining the H2020 projects to inform us by e-mail or personally to the department. v / v.

Dean's FI program

New Call for Proposals to the Program for Supporting Student Research and Development Projects ( Dean's FI program ) . Deadline for submitting proposals to ISEP and submission of the signed proposal to the department. v / v FI is until 27 November 2017, start of funding from 5 December 2017.

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