Travel and Organization Information for Participants

Travel to Brno

In order to help you to figure out travelling possibilities, we have prepared several maps on URL

for your convenience. We are ready to help you to sort out unexpected problems with your travelling on phone number ++420-603-822011 (dial 0603-822011 if calling from a fixed-line phone from within the Czech Republic) in the period from August 21st to August 25th.

Arriving by Plane

Nearest international airports are in Vienna (130km) and Prague (200km). There are good train/bus connections to Brno from there, some airlines even offer direct bus transport to Brno from airport. Ask your travel agent for this option when buying your plane ticket.

Arriving by Car

Brno is located in the southwest part of the Czech Republic, on the backbone motorway D-1 Prague-Brno-Bratislava, and the rail-road line Prague-Brno-Vienna. The nearest international airports are Vienna (recommended) and Prague. Brno is about 120 minutes drive from Vienna or 150 minutes drive from Prague. Use exit 190 when leaving motorway from Prague.

Arriving by Train

Brno can be reached easily by direct EC trains from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. You may find some train connections which may suit you best at URL

When choosing arrival station in Brno, choose the main one (``Brno hlavni nadrazi''). From this station, you can use trams number 12 or 13 in direction Medlanky and leave on the seventh stop (``Klusackova'').

Arriving by Bus

There are two bus stations: the main one is ``Zvonarka''. From this station, you can use tram number 12 in direction Medlanky and leave on the ninth stop (``Klusackova''). The second bus station (``Grand hotel'') is near the railway station, you may use the same trams from there as above.


We recommend you to use City taxi (phone 4232 1321). Standard price per kilometer is 20 CZK, the initial fee is 20 CZK. Prices for travelling from bus or railway station to the University hotel Druzba or Faculty of Informatics should be roughly 100 CZK. We don't suggest grabbing a taxi in the street at random as the drivers may try to overcharge you.

Public Transport in Brno

The public transport system in Brno is excellent. You should purchase a ticket in advance from newsagents. Tickets can be bought from a driver with additional charge (make sure you have 10 CZK in coins). Price of a one way ticket is 8 CZK for zones within the city of Brno. Tickets will be also available at the Conference reception desk.


Registration desk will be open at the Faculty of Informatics, Botanicka 68a,
on Friday, August 21st and will close at 8pm,
on Saturday, August 22nd and will close at 8pm,
on Sunday, August 23rd and will close at 10pm.

Important Notice

When paying by bank transfer, please do bring a bank receipt concerning your payment with you when coming to the conference so that possibilities for any problems are minimized. Except for exceptional cases agreed explicitly with the Organizing Committee Chairman (Jan Staudek,, those who do not pay their registration fee before August 10 will be considered on-site registrants and will be required to pay the full on-site registration fee. Please note that no accommodation or any other extra is provided to on-site registrants.


Most of the participants will be accommodated in University hotel Druzba in Kounicova 50, 602 00 Brno, telephone ++420-5-41321217. You may go directly with your luggage to the hotel and register at MFCS/CSL Conference site (Botanicka 68a) later; these two places are within walking distance apart (300 meters).


Preliminary programme is available for inspection at URL

You will receive the final programme printed in your Welcome Pack at registration desk.

Conference Dinner

The closing dinner (August 27th) will take place in old wine cellars located beneath the oldest part of the city of Brno, providing a pleasant opportunity to make oneself familiar with excellent wines from Southern Moravian vineyards and with traditional folk tunes praising wine and love.

Conference trip

A trip will be organized for the participants, visiting the area related to Napoleon's Battle of Three Emperors near Austerlitz (Slavkov u Brna), visiting the interesting locations connected to the battle, the Austerlitz where the peace treaty was eventually signed, and a dinner will be held in a stylish local restaurant Stara posta close to Austerlitz.

Internet Access during the conference

Free Internet access (ssh, telnet, WWW) will be provided for conference participants using computers of the Faculty of Informatics. We do not provide for free dial-up Internet connections, though.

Time Zone and Climate

Czech Republic is on Central European Time (MET DST), which means it is two hour ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT). The average temperature for August is between 20-26 degree C. The weather is normally warm and sunny.

Programme for Accompanying Persons

We offer special programme (DM 20 per day) for accompanying persons. There are numerous places worth visiting in and near the city of Brno. Based on the actual interest, a guided walk through the old city will be organized, and visits to the monastery in which Mendel discovered his laws of genetics, or the birthplace of Kurt Goedel, can also be arranged.
Preliminary schedule is:
Monday (guided tour of historical Brno),
Tuesday (Moravian Karst) and
Thursday (villa Tugendhat, Pernstejn Castle or Porta Coeli).

Exchange Facilities and Rates

Currency used in the Czech Republic is Czech Crown (CZK, koruna ceska, Kc). There are exchange facilities at the train/bus stations, airport and at the border. The approximate exchange rate is 33.50 CZK for one US dollar and 18.50 CZK for one German mark. Czech Crowns are available in the following denominanions: 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 and 20. We advise you to ask for 500, 200 banknotes when you exchange your money as these are easier to change. Do not change money on the street.

The place

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, with a population of almost 400,000, and the country's judiciary and trade-fair center. The first written note of Brno comes from the ninth century. City rights were acquired in 1243. After successful defense of the city against the Swedes 350 years ago (in 1643--45 during the Thirty Years' War), Brno became the capital of Moravia. The nineteenth century was a period of technological progress and development for Brno. It became one of the most prominent industrial centers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was in Brno where J. G. Mendel formulated his theory of heredity, V. Kaplan produced the first water turbine and LeoČ Janacek composed his musical works. Milan Kundera wrote his first novels here. Brno is the place of birth of Kurt Goedel--- one of the most important scientists of the 20th century in the world context.

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