Faculty of Informatics (FI), Masaryk University (MU) founded the Association of Industrial Partners - AIP (in Czech Sdružení Průmyslových Partnerů - SPP) in the beginning of 2007. The basis of cooperation with a particular company is always a shared interest in a particular activity. Establishing a closer relationship is crucial for companies especially in areas where FI has a privileged position, at least in the national comparison.

Cooperation with industry is a part of everyday life of Masaryk University in the field of research, development and teaching. Mutually beneficial cooperation creates necessary feedback for the business sector as a source of the innovation process.
Developing mutual cooperation includes a variety of forms – closer links between research and industry, cooperation in the laboratories on projects of science and research, cooperation in teaching and creating fields of study and graduates’ profile, internships for students, theses supervision, etc.

AIP at the Faculty of Informatics is intended for companies interested in a long-term cooperation with FI. Cooperation within the AIP is based on a contractual basis in the following three levels:

  • It is possible start with the category of an SME Partner, a kind of focal point for small companies where the primary goal is to formally establish the partnership with FI MU. The partnership can eventually be limited to maintaining permanent contact with the university or the occasional call for topics of student theses.

  • Second most common level – Partner – can also serve larger companies for the initial contact establishment with the foreseen move to a higher level and initiation of a joint project, for example, with a prospect to obtain support from European funds, where the collaboration of academic research with industry is an important condition.
    The Partner has a dedicated point of contact between academics and participates in development projects with an involvement of several students, etc.

  • Long-term common interest is the basis of the highest levels of partnership - Strategic Partner category. The Strategic Partner has the opportunity to "be there" when the faculty discusses relevant issues of study or research.
Partners at all levels can take part in regular meetings with FI students and staff (organized in the final weeks of each term), where the partners are also informed about important developments and plans of FI. Partners can also be presented on the information points of the Association.
At higher levels of cooperation individual additional promotion options are added.

Through all these means and activities cooperation of FI MU with companies becomes more cultivated than we knew it from elsewhere in recent times, e.g. in the form of some so-called job fairs or questionable diploma theses of students-employees.

Entry to the Association of Industrial Partners involves signing of a formal agreement with FI, and dedication of resources to cover the costs of common activities.

More information can be found at the web page of AIP or at the Office for Lifelong Learning and Industrial Partners that manages the Association agenda.

Responsible contact: Ing. Eva Matějková