We are a Czech SaaS company founded in 2007 by Roman Staňek. We are located in Prague, Brno, have partners in Vietnam and HQ in Silicon Valley.

We use the cutting-edge technologies (Python, Java, Ruby, Kubernetes, JS, React) to create a modern, highly secure cloud platform for data visualization, management and analysis. And we are good at it! Our product is used by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies - such as Zalando or Zendesk. In May last year, we partnered with Visa.

Since the situation in 2021 let us organize an Open House, what topic would you be interested in?

Cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics

Since 2014 - FI MU SME partner.

Cooperation with students

How to get involved?

During the year, we are looking for juniors to join our teams or recent graduates who have the desire and motivation to learn from experienced professionals. We welcome at least a short experience with programming languages ​​(Java, Perl, Kotlin, etc.) and a communicative level of English, because our corporate language is English and we use it on a daily basis. If you are interested in Big Data, technology or even sales and marketing, let us know about you!

Where can you learn even more about us?

GoodData web

Who to contact?

Email to our recruiting team is :