This seminar is organized by the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. The aim is to provide a forum for visiting scientists to present their work in progress and to develop new ideas in cooperation with their colleagues at FI MU. The emphasis is on emerging topics, recent results, and open problems.

These seminars are open to everybody. The contact person is Tomáš Brázdil.

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
June 4 Subir Kumar Ghosh Chromatic art gallery problems for point and vertex guards
April 23 Alexandre Duret-Lutz Using SAT solvers for minimizing ω-automata
March 19 James Davies Coloring vertex-minor-free graphs with no short cycles

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
November 27 Guy Avni Infinite-Duration Bidding Games
September 25 Felix Reidl Dense but sparse: Graphs of low complexity

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
June 12 Thomas Lemberger Symbolic Execution with CEGAR in CPAchecker
May 16 Eunjung Kim The “art of trellis decoding” is fixed-parameter tractable
April 10 Matjaž Kovše Axiomatic theory of betweenness and related interval and convex structures
April 5 Pranav Ashok Mean-payoff objectives in Markov Decision Processes
March 20 Alexandre Duret-Lutz Ten Years of Practical Contributions to LTL and ω-Automata in Spot
February 28 Jakub Gajarský First-order model checking and interpretations

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
October 24 Andrzej Grzesik Applications of flag algebras in extremal graph theory
October 19 Benjamin Kaminski A Weakest Pre--Expectation Semantics for Mixed--Sign Expectations

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
February 15 Clemens Dubslaff Continuous-time Message Sequence Graphs

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
November 19 O-joung Kwon The Erdos-Posa property of H-minor models with prescribed vertex sets
October 5 Stefan Kiefer On the total variation distance of labelled Markov chains

Spring 2015

The seminars are held on Mondays at 2pm in the room C417 (FI, Botanická 68a).

Date Speaker Title
June 23 Sebastian Ordyniak Variable-Deletion Backdoors to Planning
June 22 Valia Mitsou The computational complexity of two card games with theoretical applications
June 22 Michael Lampis FPT and Sub-Exponential Time Approximation and Hardness
June 18 Michal Kotrbčík Practical algorithms for minimum genus
May 11 Matthias Heizmann Traces, Interpolants, and Automata: a New Approach to Automatic Software Verification
May 5 Hans Raj Tiwary Fixed Parameter Extension Complexity
April 9 Alexandre Duret-Lutz Stutter-Invariance Checks & Testing Automata
March 5 Daniel Kráľ Finitely describable combinatorial limits

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title
December 15 Marek Trtík Combined Numerical Analysis of C Programs
November 10 Jana Tůmová Maximally-satisfying LTL strategy synthesis for robot motion planning
October 20 Tereza Klimošová Strong immersions in 4-edge connected graphs

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
June 27 Tatjana Petrov Static analysis of stochastic rule-based models of biochemical systems
June 10 Guillermo A. Pérez Mean-Payoff Games with Partial-Observation
April 28 Robert Ganian The Model Checking Problem on Partially Ordered Sets
March 19 Werner Kuich A new acceptance modus for weighted finite automata
February 11 Jan Krcal Probabilistic Bisimulation: Naturally on Distributions

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
December 9 Stanislav Böhm NL-completeness of equivalence for deterministicone-counter automata
December 2 Fernando Sánchez Villaamil Computing treedepth
November 18 Stefan Göller Equivalence and reachability problems on stack-based infinite-state systems
November 4 Alexander Okhotin Reversibility of computations in graph-walking automata
October 14 Michal Kotrbčík Locally-maximal embeddings of graphs into surfaces

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
June 24 Stanislav Živný The complexity of finite-valued CSPs
June 17 Marek Krčál Computational homotopy theory
May 20 O-joung Kwon Graphs of small rank-width are pivot-minors of graphs of small tree-width
May 13 Eunjung Kim Fast algorithm for planar-F-deletion via protrusion decompostion
April 30 Vojtech Forejt Playing Stochastic Games Precisely
March 11 Michael Lampis Model Checking Lower Bounds for Simple Graphs

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
December 4 Mojca Bračič Degree-universal crossing-critical families of graphs
December 3 Alexandre Duret-Lutz Strength-based decomposition of the property Büchi automaton for faster model checking
November 26 Diana Fischer The Quantitative mu-Calculus
November 13 Ezio Bartocci Adaptive Runtime Verification
November 12 Felix Reidl Kernelization and Sparse Graph Classes
November 5 Michaela Šikulová Koevoluční algoritmy v kartézském genetickém programování
October 1 Stefan Kiefer Model checking stochastic branching processes
September 26 Sebastian Ordyniak On Finding Optimal Polytrees

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
June 13 Branislav Bosansky Double-oracle Algorithms for Solving Large Games
May 21 Pavel Pudlak Existence vs. constructibility: how difficult is it to construct a Ramsey graph?
May 14 Alexandre Duret-Lutz From PSL to Transition-based Generalized Büchi Automata
April 12 Andreas Gaiser Proving Termination of Probabilistic Programs Using Patterns
January 19 Michal Pechoucek Models, Algorithms and Applications of Security Games

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
December 19 Patrice Ossona de Mendez Low tree depth decompositions
November 3 Andrew Treglown Embedding spanning subgraphs via degree sequence conditions
October 24 Jakub Mareček Recent Trends in Convex Programming, with Applications
October 10 Reshma Ramadurai On Induced Vertex Folkman Numbers
October 3 Krishnendu Chatterjee Partial-observation stochastic games: How to win when belief fails
September 26 Xu Chu (Dennis) Ding Provably Correct and Optimal Control Strategies for Dynamical Systems - Bridging the Gap between Computer Science and Control Design

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
June 15 Alexander Langer A Practical Approach to Solve Hard Optimization Problems of Graphs with Small Treewidth
May 30 Michal Koucký Exact algorithms for solving stochastic games
May 18 Luke Postle 3-Connected Minor Minimal Non-Projective Planar Graphs with an Internal 3-Separation
May 9 Dominik Wojtczak The Computational Complexity of Nash Equilibria in Stochastic Games
May 2 Demetres Christofides Randomised algorithms for the majority problem
April 18 Pavol Černý Streaming string transducers
April 11 Stefan Kiefer On Probabilistic Parallel Programs with Process Creation and Synchronisation