Working Seminar on Formal Models, Discrete Structures, and Algorithms

Models, Algorithms and Applications of Security Games

Michal Pechoucek (Czech Technical University in Prague)

When: January 19, 10am

Where: room G2.91b


Game theory provides theoretic and algorithmic foundations for the field of multi-agent systems by formal modeling situations with non-cooperative self-interested autonomous agents, and defining the optimal behavior of the agents in such situations. Lately, game-theoretic methods have been particularly successful in finding solutions for security and defense scenarios. In our talk we describe the best known model applied in security domains, security games, and present number of variants and extensions of this model. We demonstrate the applicability of the studied game-theoretic models on a set of use-cases within the scope of the projects solved in ATG, and we give a detailed description of the algorithms designed for finding solution concepts.