MFCS'98 Workshop on Concurrency - Algorithms and Tools

Accepteded Papers

  1. O. Burkart

  2. Queues as Processes

  3. G. Ciobanu, M. Rotaru

  4. A Faithful Graphical Representation of the pi-calculus: Faithful pi-nets 

  5. R. De Nicola, A. Labella

  6. The Morphisms and Bisimulations 

  7. S. Haar 

  8. Branching Processes of General S/T-Systems 

  9. D. Hirschkoff 

  10. Automatically Proving Up-to Bisimulation 

  11. V. Janousek, T. Vojnar 

  12. State Spaces of Object-Oriented Petri Nets 

  13. G. Juhas 

  14. The Essence of Petri Nets and Transition Systems through Abelian Groups 

  15. O. Kushnarenko, S. Pinchinat 

  16. Intentional Approaches for Symbolic Methods 

  17. J. Lilius

  18. Efficient State Space Search for Time Petri Nets 

  19. A. Maggiolo-Schettini, S. Tini 

  20. Projectable Semantics for Statecharts 

  21. R. Mayr 

  22. Strict Lower Bounds for Model Checking BPA 

  23. M. Muller-Olm 

  24. Derivation of Characteristic Formulae 

  25. U. Nitsche 

  26. Construction of an Abstract State-Space from a Partial-Order Representation of the Concrete One 

  27. P. Paczkowski 

  28. Characterizing Bisimilarity of Value-passing Processes with Context-free Control 

  29. J. Stribrna 

  30. Hardness Results for Weak Bisimilarity of Simple Process Algebra 

  31. I. V. Tarasyuk 

  32. Place Bisimulation Equivalences for Design of Concurrent Systems 

  33. I. Virbitskaite 

  34. On the Semantics of Concurrency and Nondeterminism: Bisimulations and Temporal Logics