Pernstejn Castle

Pernstejn is one of the most important and most beautiful castles in Moravia. From the mid- 19th century it was the seat of the lords of Perstejn who for centuries played an important role in the political affairs of the Czech kingdom. Its present appearance results from the late Gothic transformations the castle underwent between 1450 and 1550. It came to be known as the marble castle because of the marble-like local stone used to frame the doors and windows. The castle has preserved some of its alveolar vaulting. At the end of the 16th century the family was obliged to sell both the castle and attendant estate, which marked the end of its days of glory. Around the 1700's Baroque alternations were carried out in castle rooms, and in 1716 Franz Eckstein decorated the ceilings of the chapel while G. A. Corbellini added stucco to the Knights Hall. The end of the 18th century brought further modifications required by the new owners, the Schroffl family from Mannsberk, in whose days. A Schweigl executed the sculptures for the castle gardens.