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  • AT&T Training Center - 2 modules for autumn semester

    Take the opportunity to get hands on experience and knowledge with AT&T Training Center. We developed this program for students eager to enhance their knowledge, practice it in labs and feel the real working environment.

    Available Modules
    This semester we are opening 2 modules that are led by our professionals. Classes are in English and take place at AT&T Brno office. Classes will occur on Fridays and will take approx. 6 hours.

    Interested? Need more info? Then check it out and sign up at

    Mobile Networks

    Get ready to be boosted by 4G LTE and 5G NR skill set!
    In this module we bring you classes that will help you gain technical insight and deep understanding of the mobile networks you are using everyday whenever you touch your phone. We will focus on Radio Access Network, Core Network as well as Transport Network that binds it all together. We will also bring you the latest news on 5G that we have just launched in our AT&T Network.
    • 1. Initial Class - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Mobile Network

    • 2. Transport Network for Professional Engineers

    • 3. Mobile Network - Deep Dive

    Firewalls & Security

    Network Security Technologies
    This course is intended for students who possess Cisco CCNA networking skills and who are interested in the networking security area. This class provides an overview of firewall technologies commonly used in customer network environments. It also extends student's security skills required for junior Tier 2 security engineer position.
    • 1. Juniper
          08.11.2019 & 15.11.2019

    • 2. Check Point
          22.11.2019 & 29.11.2019

    • 3. Fortigate
          06.12.2019 & 13.12.2019