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    Central European Olympiad in Informatics for the fourth time at Masaryk University

    The Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FI MU) hosted the 31st edition of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI 2024) on 24-29 June. Representatives of Israel and Hungary shared the victory with the same number of points. Previous experience has shown that the best participants have the potential to join prestigious universities, excellent scientific institutions and global companies.

    60 high school students competed for the victory in this year's CEOI, which took place in the last week of June at FI MU in Brno. Teams from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia were joined this year by participants from Azerbaijan, Israel, Austria, Switzerland and Ukraine. Their task was to program solutions to algorithmically complex problems in three rounds. To succeed in the competition, it is not enough just to pass regular computer science classes at high school, but it is necessary to prepare more specifically. The assignments, which are given to the contestants both in English and in their native language, are prepared by a scientific committee from the organizing country - this year made up of colleagues from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. 

    The individual countries sent the winners of their national rounds of the Olympiads in Informatics to Brno. "Successful solvers have a great chance to be accepted or even get scholarships at excellent universities. In general, success in the competition is a great reference and medal winners become top scientists, such as Prof. Daniel Kral from FI MU. He came second at the CEOI in 1995 and subsequently won a gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics," said the head of the organising team, Tomáš Pitner, who is organising the Olympiad at MU for the fourth time. 

    Yoav Shamay from Israel and István Ádám Molnár from Hungary won with 565 points. A complete list of the winners is available on the competition website. The Czech Republic had an advantage as the host country - we could nominate three teams with a total of twelve participants. This experience is, among other things, a great preparation for the International Olympiad in Informatics, which will take place in September in Egypt.

    In addition to the competition programme, all guests also had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Brno. On Tuesday, we prepared for them a screening of the best films from the Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of MU, which our faculty organizes every year. On Wednesday, they visited the "Thousand Faces of Amazonia" exhibition at Anthropos Pavilion in Brno, which includes, among other things, animations made by our students. Then they embarked on a boat trip to Veveří Castle. 

    Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to more opportunities to meet!

    Author: Marta Vrlová, Office for External Relations and Partnerships

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