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    When Cyber Security Is Fun. The FI MU Summer School of Cybersecurity

    Learn new things, meet interesting people, and most importantly have fun. That's how we can sum up the expectations of most of the participants of the sixth edition of the Summer School of Cyber Competition. Its programme took place at FI MU on 3rd and 4th of August.

    Almost twenty participants spent two days focused on cybersecurity games, penetration testing and also teambuilding activities. The summer school is a reward for the finalists of the Cyber Contest and also serves as a preparation for the European-wide final, which will take place this year in Vienna. 

    The professional programme was organised by the FI MU Cyber Security Laboratory in cooperation with other experts, including the Masaryk University Cyber Security Team CSIRT-MU.

    "We always strive to make the programme as practical as possible and use our own technology to do so", says Jan Vykopal, who led the preparations.

    Participants praised the programme. "Someone enjoys solving sudoku and I enjoy solving the cybersecurity tasks that the organizers prepared for us", says Š. Šustek. At the same time, the opportunity to get nominated to the national team was also important for them. 

    "I definitely want to be in the finals, so the summer school makes sense for me, but I also enjoy the community around me," says J. Gocník. Jan Kučera, the winner of last year's summer school, agrees: "The great thing about the summer school is that I can meet people who share the same interests as me." 

    "The field of cybersecurity is important for Masaryk University and our society, which is why we are involved in activities such as the Cybersecurity Competition, it is crucial to bring as many talents as possible into this field", concludes Vykopal.  

    The Cyber Competition is organised by the Czech branch of AFCEA for students aged 9 to 25. Thousands of applicants apply every year, but only a fraction of them make it to the final round. In addition to Masaryk University, the University of Defence, where the first two days of the programme took place, the Čichnova Secondary School, which provided accommodation for the students, and the Ministry of Education, which supported the event financially. 

    This activity was made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Education, Youth and Sports, a subsidy to support gifted pupils of primary and secondary schools in 2022 (Project No. 0038/7/NAD/2022).

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