Interim Project

What is Interim Project?

  • Interim Project involves work in company operating in Service Science Management and Engineering field.
  • “Business” or “Research” alternative can be chosen based on the main focus of the project; the duration of the project can be 5 months (4 days per week) or 10 months (2.5 days per week).
  • The main goal for the student is to gain experience in real business. Partner’s benefit is the student’s fresh look at company processes and capacity for seeing improvements and their qualification gained during SSME studies.
  • Each student creates a technical report on the project according to IPMA baseline for Project manager level B certification candidates. The student will receive 16 credits for Interim Project if it is completed successfully.


  • Business oriented or more research oriented alternative can be chosen. It involves 5-month full time work/research in a business partner company operating in the field of Service Science, Management, and Engineering. According to faculty guarantor and business partner guarantor the student creates a technical report on the project.
  • The student is obliged to obtain all 15 credits from one partner. In case of change of the partner for the project the credits from the previous partner are not taken into account except the situation the faculty guarantor together with the guarantor of the new partner make an explicit decision that it is possible to take previous credits into account.
  • Student has a possibility to choose a business partner from a set of partners contracted by faculty for Interim Project accomplishment.
  • The 15 ECTS could be obtained by several ways: (1) during one semester, i.e. 5 month, (recommended) work by chosen business partner 4 days in a week (with one day for technical report writing and consultations with faculty guarantor), or (2) cumulative earning of the 15 ECTS in two or three semesters (three is maximum); the work for partner is then 2 or 3 days per week.
  • The regime is prescribed by the contract with particular partner and is chosen for benefit of both the student and the partner.
  • Students will work on real customer projects or research projects obligatorily connected with SSME.
  • Regular meetings on project progress have to be held by at least three persons: the student, the faculty guarantor, the business partner guarantor, and possibly a project or sub-project manager from the partner organization.
  • The project ends with student's public presentation of his/her results on faculty seminar.
  • Results of the project must be used in a way in student's master thesis.
  • The student is obliged to follow the Cooperation Terms and the Recommended process for students.


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