Master’s study programmes

Master’s Degree Programmes are drawn up as consecutive studies for graduates of Bachelor’s programmes. This study programme is determined for students with good primary knowledge and interested in deeper study of informatics as independent science discipline. Applicants must have a good command of Czech language. Standard length of study is 2 years. Faculty of Informatics offers three master study programmes: Informatics, Applied Informatics and Teachers Training for Secondary Schools.

Recognition of previous higher education obtained outside the Czech Republic
Exams from previous Entrance Examination

Webinar about study at FI

Webinar about study at FI

Brno among the five best students cities

Study from Autumn semester 2018 - tuition in English

Application Submission 1. 11. 2017 – 30. 4. 2018
Entrance Examination 13 June 2018
Information about an Entrance Examinations (content and form of an exam)
Instruction for an Entrance Examination
Remission of the Entrance Examination Applicants to Master’s studies may apply for the remission of an entrance examination after fulfilling the stated conditions.
Request for remission of an entrance examination must be sent by 30. 4. 2018, the postmark is decisive.
Admission Requirements - Electronic application and paying the application fee,
- Required Documents,
- Entrance Examination.
Criteria for Admission Complete criteria for admission to Master’s studies are described here
Application Fee 400 CZK (16 EUR)