Rules for the Professor Appointment Procedure at the FI

Professor appointments are conducted in the manner defined in the Article 74 of Higher Education Act. No 111/1998 of the Digest and according to the Rector´s Regulation 4/2010.

The Faculty of Informatics MU offers Professor appointment in the field of Informatics.

The Scientific Board of FI MU approved on its meeting on 8th November 2012 the Indicative Minimum Criteria of Requirements for Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures at FI MU.

Professor appointments are started at the submission of a proposal by the candidate, supported by at least two letters of recommendation from professors in the same or relating field, or at the submission of a proposal by the Dean or Rector to the Scientific Board.

The proposal is to be submitted together with the following documents:

  • Structured Curriculum Vitae,
  • University Degree and Title Award Documents,
  • Documents proving teaching experience,
  • List of Scientific Publications, including reviews,
  • List of Scientific Fellowships - home or abroad,
  • Other Qualification Documents.

The proposal is addressed to the Dean of the Faculty and sent by the applicant to the following address:

Faculty of Informatics
Office for Research & Development & Doctoral Studies
Botanická 68a
602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Should the applicant fail to submit all the information required, even after a new deadline is given, then the Dean will terminate the professor appointment procedure.

The Dean submits the members and the chairman of the evaluating committee for an approval by the Scientific Board of the Faculty. The committee consists of at least five members. The chairman has to hold a title Professor and at least three committee members are required to be teachers from other universtities.

The committee activities are controlled by the committee's chairman.

The committee usually requests written standpoints of other professors and specialists from the same or relating fields (particularly from abroad).

The committee invites the candidates to present a public lecture of approximately 60-minute duration, in which candidates present their field and their position in the field. The date of the lecture must be announced at least 15 days in advance. The candidate is required to submit a title and an abstract of the lecture to the committee.

Based on the submitted materials and the public lecture the committee considers the scientific and pedagogical competence of the candidates for the given area, together with their teaching experience. The following criteria are particularly considered:

  • participation in forming and development of the scientific field,
  • quality and number of publications at the international level,
  • publication activity at the national level,
  • positive reviews at the national and international level (in particular),
  • evidence of success at international and national conferences and seminars,
  • participation in coordinating research grants,
  • participation in coordinating significant practical projects,
  • experience in the supervision of Ph.D. students,
  • involvement in national or international companies and organisations.

The committee makes a decision on the professor appointment by confidential voting. Should the majority vote be against the appointment, the committee proposes to stop the procedure. Having made the decision the committee agrees on substantiation of the decision. The decision and the substantiation are presented by the committee chairman or by an appointed committee member to the Scientific Board of the faculty as part of a professor appointment debate.

The professor appointment debate proceeds in the following manner:

  • the Dean introduces candidates,
  • candidates are requested to present a lecture (30 min.), in which they introduce the concept of their scientific work and teaching methods in the field,
  • the committee chairman presents substantiation of the committee's decision,
  • the professor appointment is debated (in the public presence),
  • The non-public debate proceeds in the following manner:
    • a general debate,
    • followed by confidential voting, resulting in the decision on the professor appointment. ,
  • The candidate is informed on the decision,
  • and the Scientific Board of the faculty submits the professor appointment proposal for an approval by the Scientific Board of the university.

The faculty continuously releases the following information regarding the professor appointments: candidate's name, workplace, subject field, starting date of the professor appointment procedure, names of professors providing recommendations, committee members, date of the public lecture, date of the Scientific Board's debate, result and standpoint regarding the professor appointment.

Approved by the Scientific Board of the FI on the 14th of December 1999

Responsible contact: Mgr. Petra Kalábová