ProSo group is a research group at Faculty of informatics, Masaryk university.


  • Development of adaptive learning systems, particularly "computerized adaptive practice" systems
  • Student modeling (particularly with focus on timing information)
  • Educational data mining
  • Problem solving, difficulty of problems

Our systems

Problem Solving Tutor - an adaptive system which lets you solve different interactive problems (math, computer science, logic puzzles), the research behind the tool is focused on modeling problem solving times.

Slepé mapy ("map outlines") - an adaptive system for practicing geography (countries, cities, mountains, ...).

Slepá anatomie (anatomy) - an adaptive system for practicing human anatomy.

Umíme česky (comming soon) - an adaptive system for practicing Czech language.

Math practice (in development) - an adaptive system for practicing math.


Our research was supported by GAČR grant P202/10/0334 "Solving Difficult Well-Structured Problems: Human-Computer Collaboration" (2010-2012).