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Mgr. Jan Obdržálek, PhD.
Fakulta informatiky MU
Botanická 68a
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Office: G208 (Gotex, Šumavská 15)
Phone: +420-549 494 225
Fax: +420-549 497 434
E-mail: obdrzalek (at) fi (dot) muni (dot) cz
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Research interests

Structural graph theory, parameterized complexity, infinite games on graphs (esp. parity games), mu-calculus, verification of infinite state systems, software verification, OpenMP for Java.


Recent Papers

Unified approach to polynomial algorithms on graphs of bounded (bi-)bank-width (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Obdržálek), In European J. Combin., 2012. (To appear.) [bibtex] [doi] [preprint]
Better algorithms for satisfiability problems for formulas of bounded rank-width (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Obdržálek), In Fund. Inform., 2012. (To appear, 16 p) [bibtex] [full version]
Lower Bounds on the Complexity of MSO1 Model-Checking (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, A. Langer, J. Obdržálek, P. Rossmanith, S. Sikdar), In STACS'12, Dagstuhl Publishing, volume 14 of LIPIcs, 2012. [bibtex] [doi] [full version]
When Trees Grow Low: Shrubs and Fast MSO$_1$ (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Nešetřil, J. Obdržálek, P. Ossona de Mendez, R. Ramadurai), In MFCS'12, Springer, volume 7464 of LNCS, 2012. [bibtex] [doi] [preprint]
The DAG-width of directed graphs (D. Berwanger, A. Dawar, P. Hunter, S. Kreutzer, J. Obdržálek), In J. Comb. Theory, Ser. B, volume 102, 2012. [bibtex] [doi]
STANSE: Bug-Finding Framework for C Programs (J. Obdržálek, J. Slabý, M. Trtík), In MEMICS'11, Springer, volume 7119 of LNCS, 2012. [bibtex] [doi]
Clique-width: When Hard Does Not Mean Impossible (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Obdržálek), In STACS'11, Dagstuhl Publishing, volume 9 of LIPIcs, 2011. [bibtex] [doi]
Efficient Loop Navigation for Symbolic Execution (J. Obdržálek, M. Trtík), In ATVA'11, Springer, volume 6996 of LNCS, 2011. [bibtex] [doi]
Qualitative reachability in stochastic BPA games (T. Brázdil, V. Brožek, A. Kučera, J. Obdržálek), In Inform. and Comput., volume 209, 2011. [bibtex] [doi] [preprint]
Are there any good digraph width measures? (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Kneis, D. Meister, J. Obdržálek, P. Rossmanith, S. Sikdar), In IPEC'10, Springer, volume 6478 of LNCS, 2010. [bibtex] [doi] [full version]
Better algorithms for satisfiability problems for formulas of bounded rank-width (R. Ganian, P. Hliněný, J. Obdržálek), In FSTTCS'10, Dagstuhl Publishing, volume 8 of LIPIcs, 2010. [bibtex] [doi]

Selected Additional Publications

DAG-width -- Connectivity Measure for Directed Graphs (J. Obdržálek), In SODA'06, ACM-SIAM, 2006. [bibtex] [doi]
Fast Mu-calculus Model Checking when Tree-width is Bounded (J. Obdržálek), In CAV 2003, Springer, volume 2725 of LNCS, 2003. [bibtex] [doi]


Algorithmic Analysis of Parity Games (J. Obdržálek), PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2006. (Submitted: January 31, 2006. Examined: May 29, 2006) [bibtex] [full version]
Formal verification of sequential systems with infinitely many states (J. Obdržálek), Master's thesis, Masaryk University, Brno, 2001. [bibtex] [full version]


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