Frequently Asked Questions

Studies of English at FI and Entrance Test:

  1. Na střední škole jsem se angličtinu nikdy neučil(a). Měl(a) jsem jiný jazyk. Na fakultě je však zkouška z angličtiny povinná. Co mám teď dělat? display answer

  2. Nesložil(a) jsem vstupní test do semináře VB035. Co mám teď dělat? display answer

  3. Is it possible for me to sit for the entrance test on some other day than the one originally specified? display answer

  4. I passed the entrance test last year, enrolled in VB035, but failed to complete the course. Do I have to sit for the entrance test this year again? display answer

  5. I passed the entrance test last year, but did not enroll in VB035. Do I have to sit for the entrance test this year again? display answer

  6. Why is the entrance test pass score made public only after our results are available? display answer

  7. I have failed to complete the VB035 (or VB036) course. May I have my enrollment in it additionally cancelled so that I will not have to repeat it? display answer

  8. What are the courses of VB039 (English I - seminar) and VB040 (English II - seminar) good for? display answer


  1. I have never experienced any problems with my English. How come I have failed the VB001 examination? display answer

  2. May I sit for the oral examination without having passed the written one? display answer

  3. Is there any rule concerning whom I should sit for the oral part of the VB001 examination with or may I pick out any examination date (teacher) I find suitable? display answer

VB0035- and VB036-Related:

  1. Today my teacher told me I am considered absent from the seminar because I had not done my homework. Is this a university or primary (secondary) school? display answer

  2. The syllabus of the VB035 (VB036) course says I must reach at least 60 per cent of the total number of points to complete the course. What is meant by that? display answer

  3. May I re-sit any of the tests I took during the term? display answer

  4. I would like to know how I placed at the test. Why don't you make the statistics of the notebook containing our scores public? display answer

  5. Why aren't the VB035 and VB036 lectures recorded like those of other courses? display answer


  1. I have received an e-mail saying I should enroll in a topic of a package (Přihlásit se k tématu z balíku témat). What is that? display answer

  2. All of your seminar groups are full, but I would really like to enroll and attend one of these because I like your way of teaching. Is it possible for me to do so somehow? display answer

  3. I have sat for a test (written examination) and my notebook in IS does not contain any score yet. When will the scores be made public? display answer

  4. May I come to your office to have a look at my test? display answer