speedometer.scad: second printed version
[bike-lights.git] / firmware /
2014-04-18 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: fixup, disable shadow code
2014-04-12 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: adjustments for Yenya
2014-04-12 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak5th brightness 2500 mA
2014-04-12 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakfw/Makefile: explicitly set the usbasp speed
2013-10-15 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakAdjustments for Yenya
2013-07-23 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: adjustments
2013-07-22 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: adjustments for Yenya
2013-07-22 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakmain.c: don't log ambient lights too often
2013-07-22 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: longer log; adjustments for Pavlina
2013-07-21 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: night rear light is too bright
2013-07-21 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: settings for my wife's bike
2013-07-21 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakmain.c: slower ambient light logging
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: mode stabilization
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: "entering shadow" detection
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbuttons.c: faster brake sensor reaction time
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakError flags, error reporting
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: logging modification
2013-07-19 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: zone adjustments
2013-07-18 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: rewrite
2013-07-18 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: brighter lights in ambient zone 0
2013-07-18 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: current adjustments
2013-07-18 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: ambient light zone adjustments
2013-07-04 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: user-settable ambient light zone
2013-07-04 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbuttons.c: setup mode rework
2013-07-02 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: sub-LSB resolution of PWM
2013-07-02 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: abort the current reading when the timer expires
2013-07-01 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: more hysteresis for "full daylight"
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: another attempt at brake handling
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: alternative brake handling
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: night pattern fix
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzaklogic for setting brightness
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: new current values
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled: verify the input of pwmled_set_brightness
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: test pattern for debugging pwmleds
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbraking is handled behind the patterns inside pattern.c
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: new multi-pwmled panic pattern
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: pwmled setting refactorization
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakCommon patterns rewrite
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled: do not probe pwmleds
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled: faster regulation
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: reload ADC target data after setting the...
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakPWMLED: proof-of-concept brightness setting
2013-06-26 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakPWM LEDs driven by a single pattern
2013-06-25 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: zone adjustments
2013-06-25 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakInclude date and git revision in the eeprom variable
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: log maximum and drop instead of min and...
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient zone adjustments
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakmain.c: log the ambient light stats more often
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzaklogging.c: shorten the log buffer
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: detect drop of ambient light
2013-06-13 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: adjustments for maximum zone
2013-06-07 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakTimer handling moved to the main thread
2013-06-07 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakmain.c: split up the main() function
2013-06-07 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakDisable WDT as early as possible
2013-06-04 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpatterns: fibonacci-scaled step duration
2013-06-04 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpatterns: 3 bits for duration, 5 bits for mode
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: fix uninitialized value
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbattery.c: don't report battery critical for now
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: start probing with non-zero PWM value
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakmain.c: on-demand sleep modes
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc: use only active pwmleds, on-demand switching of...
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwm.c: channels running - visible from the outside
2013-06-03 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: reorder ADC channels
2013-05-28 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakAmbient light zones adjustments
2013-05-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwm.c: disable when not needed
2013-05-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbuttons.c: handle brake sensor failure gracefully
2013-05-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzaktmr.c: combine watchdog IRQ and watchdog reset
2013-05-20 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakWatchdog-based timing
2013-05-20 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient: log minima and maxima
2013-04-11 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: adjust the day/dawn values
2013-04-11 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: make the sensor react faster
2013-04-10 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern+current adjustments
2013-04-10 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: braking pattern for pwmled0
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: slower response in order to gain stability
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmled.c: I only have one 350mA spot LED now in product...
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpwmleds: less measurements per run
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakslow ADC inputs
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient light sensor: configurable # of readings
2013-03-28 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakTimer-initiated ADC
2013-03-17 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: configurable number of pre-readings
2013-03-14 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbuttons.c: magnet for the Hall probe not present?
2013-03-14 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: reset the braking variable
2013-03-14 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc: fix the button adc number
2013-03-14 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc: missing break statement
2013-03-08 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakfirmware: buttons + hall probe via ADC
2013-03-06 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbattery.c: adjustment for 1.1V internal reference
2013-03-06 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: shorten the final delay
2013-03-06 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: synchronized patterns
2013-03-06 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakRemove unused PATTERN_FOREVER
2013-03-06 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient zones adjusted
2013-02-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzaklights.h: fix prototype name
2013-02-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: handle "battery critical" state
2013-02-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakcontrol.c: display battery status on status led by...
2013-02-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern.c: num_pattern(10) is also allowed
2013-02-28 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbattery.c: rework
2013-02-27 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakadc.c: more measurements of ambient light
2013-02-27 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakambient.c: zone adjustments
2013-02-27 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakbattery.c: priority of operations
2013-02-27 Jan "Yenya" KasprzakRevert "adc.c: make the ADC handlers non-atomic"
2013-02-20 Jan "Yenya" Kasprzakpattern: laser diodes as gpio 4