Me Hana Rudová
- Work: associate professor
vice-dean for bachelor and master studies
Scheduling, planning and timetabling
Department of Computer Systems and Communications
Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
- Office address: Botanicka 68a
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
- Room: G408, Gotex building, ©umavská 15
- Telephone office: +420-549 496 345
- Fax office: +420-549 491 820
- Electronic mail:
- Teaching: IB013 Logic programming I
PA163 Constraint programming
PA167 Scheduling
PB165 Graphs and networks
Constraint Programming and Scheduling at HTWG Konstanz
- Other information: Research and publications, bookmarks, CV

Special issue of Journal of Scheduling,
PATAT 2006 conference in Brno
- Language: Czech