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Informatics Colloquium 6. 12. Systems Theories contributes to Service Science (2016-12-06)
Informatics Colloquium 6. 12. 2016, 14:00 lecture hall D2 prof. Francesco Polese, University of Salerno Systems Theories contributes to Service Science Abstract: Service Science is a multicultural scientific domain addressing service systems, their desing, functioning, performance looking for the conditions and enablers of value co-creation in service exchanges. Service Systems are the focus of this research mainstream, indeed related to many other scientific domains such as that of big data analytics, management, engineering, legal sciences, marketing, human behavior, systems thinking. This latter, and in particular the Viable Systems Approach (VSA), supports the understanding of complex phenomena and with its theoretical suggestions, its postulates and fundamental concepts can be very useful to better understand service exchanges. A deepening of the VSA is hence most welcome in order to better manage decision making involving service systems, complex adaptive systems, complex service systems, smart service systems, smart cities and communities, and all topics interested by smarter planet initiative and by the service science community.

Informatics Colloquium 13. 12. Limits of Discrete Structures - An Algorithmic Perspective (2016-12-13)
Informatics Colloquium 13. 12. 2016, 14:00 lecture hall D2 prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Nešetřil, DrSc., MFF UK LIMITS OF DISCRETE STRUCTURES - AN ALGORITHMIC PERSPECTIVE Abstract: It is an old dream of mathematicians to replace the cumbersome investigation of particular cases by certain limit behaviour which would reflect the finite properties and hopefully would be simpler to handle. In the lecture we survey a particular recent activity which is both analytic and model theoretic and leads to a surprising connection to new techniques in clustering and modeling of sparsity.

MU Partner Universities - Outside Europe (2016-12-15)
The Centre for International Cooperation of MU announces the call for study stays in the academic year 2017/18 – beginning in at selected partner universities in USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Costa-Rica, Brazil, Israel, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Russian Federation, Tai-wan, China and many other countries. Conditions: Master-level students can apply, in some cases also PhD students
  • excellent knowledge of English or the language of instruction (Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese)
  • length of stay – one semester or one year
  • students can apply for the scholarship in the amount of 10 000 CZK (per month)
Deadline for on-line applications (https://isois.ois.muni.cz/application-outgoing), section Bilateral agreements is on Thursday 15.12. 2016 by 23:59 CET.
Please note: the call for applications for partner universities for autumn/fall semester 2017 is only once a year, and it includes both English-speaking and other countries. Deadline in all cases is on 15.12.2016.
Applicants must also take an English language test (which must be taken by students who plan to study in English and who do not have one of the recognized certificates).
For the test, you must log in (using the same form, section English Test) - see https://isois.ois.muni.cz/application-outgoing . Testing of English possible on: 6 Dec, 12 Dec and 16 Dec.
Contact person at CIC MU: Martin Vašek (vasek@czs.muni.cz)
More information: http://cic.muni.cz/en//outgoing-mobility/outgoing-student/outgoing-student-studium/outgoing-student-partners

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