ICT 4 ELT Portals

Reading for pre-intermediate students

Compiled and annotated by
Martina Suchardová

A set of web pages including texts and reading activities suitable for pre-intermediate students.

  • Wacky Web Tales


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    Beforehand students should be familiar with the parts of speech (noun, plural, adjective etc.). First students fill in the blanks, then the computer create the story. Great fun. A new story every time.

  • Madlibs


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    As above, students fill in the blanks and again the computer create the story. It is possible to print the blanks and the blank story and use it off-line.

  • Children's Storybooks


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    There are lots of stories divided into three categories. For young learners there is little of text and wonderful illustrations, the stories are easy to remember. For older students the English in the stories is not so easy but they are accompanied by pictures. For young adults there are stories with quite difficult English (for intermediate / upper level).

    There are 23 pages with links both for students and teachers. It is possible to switch on the sound. There are lesson plans for teachers who are interested in literature teaching.

  • Literacy Network


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    There are stories that are taken from CNN or CBS 5 networks. The stories are abridged and are accompanied by set of exercises – vocabulary, multiple choice, sequencing, conclusions. In the exercises there is an immediate feedback, so students don´t have to do the whole exercise and then see their score.

    It is accompanied by video. It can be listened to. There are added more links that are connected with the story-issue. (Can be used for WebQuest.) There is place for discussion where students can send their opinions and read the opinions of other readers.

  • Mystery Net


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    All types of mystery stories (e.g. Valentine's , Haloween's, by famous writers…). The stories are not divided into categories but some of them are easier and some are more difficult. My favourite type is "get-a-clue", where you are presented with one clue at a time, so it is quite thrilling reading till the last moment.

  • OneStopEnglish

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    There are two sites concerning the reading – the reading lessons and the news lessons. Except these two, there are more sections for activities related to speaking, vocabulary, writing… There are pedagogical sections for teachers. I recommend the teacher's diary (very funny to read, especially if you are a teacher).

    Reading lessons

    The texts are based on one topic, there are two levels: elementary (just suitable for pre-intermediate) and upper. Each text is accompanied by worksheet, lesson plan for teachers and key.

    News lessons

    The texts are based on the current newspapers articles (Quardian Weekly), there are three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. The text is accompanied by several activities e.g. comprehension check, find the information, word building, grammar focus etc., plus lesson plan for teachers, and links related to the topic. (Can be used for WebQuest).

  • Inside Out


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    The texts are based on different topics. There are four levels – elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper. The text is acompanied by worksheet, teacher´s notes and links related to the topic (can be used for WebQuest). There are other speaking activities from the resource pack.

  • Giggle Poetry


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    There are poems written by children for children. They are of different levels and different topics (school poems, names…). There are teacher's section – how to teach poetry and how to teach fiction.

  • Online Magazine for Learners of English


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    This is a site made from contributions send by other learners of English. It is dedicated to sharing of experience, lifestyles, comments, opinions about a whole range of topics (holiday, learning English, friends, cities, food… and many more). It is possible to take part in and write back.

  • Little Fingers


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    This site is for smallet kids. There are short texts with lots of pictures, games, pages for colouring etc. I think that the texts could be used with the older, pre-intermediate students.